Premium Coloured Mulch

Premium Coloured MulchCOLOURBED™ is a premium quality coloured landscape mulch produced from carefully selected clean dry wood fibres.

The initial very low moisture content of the wood fibres coupledwith grind-and-color technology means that COLOURBED™ is of the very highest quality. The process is fine tuned to achieve the best particle size for not only weed suppression and moisture retention but also visual impact and so “looks better”. With COLOURBED™ less is more and typically a 50mm (2″) layer is sufficient.

COLOURBED™ “lasts longer” due to the quality of the wood fibres used and the highly developed durability of the colourants which provide excellent UV-resistance. The specially developed colourants used in COLOURBED™ are completely safe and pose no risk to people, animals or the environment.

COLOURBED™ is a favourite not only with home owners and landscape gardeners but is a popular choice for play areas as its soft to the touch and is fully certified to industry standards.

COLOURBED™ brings a whole new dimension of colour and appeal to lawns and borders, tracks and play areas.

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